Refugees Have Dreams




From Syria; seeking a Undergraduate degree in Renewable Energy and is enrolled at Zarqa University. My name is Ahmed Yasser Masri. I am an 18 years old refugee from Daraa, Syria. My family arrived in Zaatari camp in 2012. My father was an army officer and my mother was a social worker.  I have two sisters and a brother. We had a decent life.


I had I a rare bone disease. I had surgery before coming to Zaatari. Without it, I would not be able to walk. During my recovery from surgery, I made a small electric generator from a broken fan. I also made an eggbeater from the engine of a remote control car. I was able to repair a solar power charger. I installed solar panels for family members and friends for free.


I have the talents and skills to excel in my work. Our region was polluted enough during the war. We can use clean solar and wind energy to rebuild it while protecting the environment.

I dream of becoming an engineer and specialize in renewable energy.

Like all other refugees, we had a hard time adjusting to living in tents without power and sanitation.


I am aware that displacement will continue whether because of conflict or environmental disasters. I continuously thought of how to make this trauma easier to endure for displaced refugees. Our region can harness solar, wind and hydraulic energy to cover its needs. They are cleaner sources of energy that would not harm the environment. I hope that you will finance my studies in order to realize my dream.


Help dreams come true.