About Smiles Foundation

Smiles Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization founded in 2016 by Tamara Yaghi, at the age of 11. In early 2016, the Syrian civil war started, displacing thousands of innocent civilians. Tamara was devastated by the disturbing news all over TV about the ongoing wars in the Middle East. She was specifically concerned about the innocent children who were either wrongfully murdered or lost their homes. Tamara, a child herself at that time, felt guilty for not using the resources she was privileged to have, in order to aid the refugee community. At that age, Tamara could not imagine that anyone would ever inflict harm against such pure and young souls, for no mistake of their own.

Therefore, Tamara  decided to do something to contribute to putting an end to that tragedy. Her parents, neighbors, and community at school were very supportive of her goals. As a united community, they collectively contributed to a large donation drive, by providing Tamara with clothes, books, school supplies, and toys.  In less than 1 month, Smiles Foundation was able to raise donations worth about 10 large boxes, which were all shipped to various refugee sites. Most donation boxes were distributed through the well established Ruwwad Organization, an NGO supporting refugees across 4 MENA countries.  Today, Smiles Foundation provides most of its donation drive boxes to Ruwwad, which then distributes the donations fairly amongst refugee families.

Smiles Foundation did not stop there. Beyond material help, we implemented tutoring programs with refugee schools, through Zoom, to teach children refugees fundamental concepts, such as maths, science, and English. Additionally, over summer vacations, the Smiles Foundation team hosts training workshops at refugee sites for drawing/painting, reading, soccer, yoga, chess, and more.

Smiles Foundation places smiles on the faces of frowning children.


I aim to use my entrepreneurial spirit to change the lives of less fortunate communities globally.

Let’s join hands to put a smile on a child’s face today.


Our Projects

Donation Drives: Smiles Foundation prefers hosting donation drives, which are tangible and non-monetary. Donation drives are held all year round, however, the biggest drives that collect the largest amount of necessities are held in the winter and summer. Each year, Smiles Foundation is able to pack around 30 large boxes with clothes, school supplies, and more. Boxes are distributed amongst various refugee communities.

Teaching Children: a physical and online (via Zoom) teaching program, where the Smiles team along with volunteers contribute the teaching of refugee children. Through this program, Smiles Foundation teaches refugee children a range of essential topics, such as English, Maths, Science. Additionally, Smiles ensures to teach fun life skills all kids should learn, like soccer, chess, sewing, and much more.

Run For Refugees: a marathon run, previously held at compounds and schools in Saudi Arabia. Money is raised by selling tickets to participate in the marathon and drinks/snacks on the day. This initiative  raised more than $5000. The money raised was used to purchase new school supplies, clothes, and toys to children refugees.

Smiles Blog: a blog that is a part of the Smiles Foundation website, which is used to frequently update and educate people about the refugee crisis. The articles published are strictly factual and are not opinion based.



To put a smiles on every child refugees’ face, even during the times of hardships.


A peaceful and safe world without global conflicts, where children can live, learn, and laugh like children.

A little for you could be a lot for others.

Across the Globe, We Are United in Our Dedication to Children’s BASIC Rights

Who We Are

An independent philanthropic organization created by kids for kids.

We give a little of the extras we may have.  Our aim is put smiles on kids faces by sharing the love.  We give out school supplies, clothes, toys, and whatever we no longer want to keep in our closets or rooms.

We are based in the Middle East, yet are global citizens and wish to reach children in every country.  This is our dream .