When I was 11 years old, I was devastated by the disturbing news all over TV about wars in the region and innocent children getting killed or becoming homeless. I felt guilty for having a safe comfortable home with a swimming pool and friends to play with and plenty of food and fruits.


I told my parents: is it fair for those kids to live such a horrible life for no mistake of their own?  Shouldn’t they be going to school and playing?


I decided to do something and put an end to this tragedy. My parents, neighbors, and community were very supportive. We collected clothes and toys to put a smile on a child’s face.


We shall not stop there. Beyond material help, we wish to hold training workshops: drawing, painting, reading, math, music, yoga, chess, and others.


Let us hear about your stories.  We all could help each in our own way.


To learn more about Tamara Yaghi here is her resume page: 



What do we do?

In Smiles we aim to give all less fortunate children a suitable childhood where they can stop living in such danger and fear.


We are thriving to build multiple playgrounds for refugee children in their refugee camps.


We also give children refugees school supplies; books, pencils, bags, pens, coloring pencils and much  more. 


Lastly, our team aids the less fortunate children by supporting families who can’t pay their rent, school fees, bills and those who don’t have enough money to feed their families everyday.